Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dress to Impress With Branded Business Clothing

Today’s competitive, goal-oriented, and adventure-ready men & women prefer wearable but stylish clothes. When at work, these classy individuals have an air of confidence about them, donning branded business clothing as they interact with higher-ups or peers.
Yes, there’s something to be said about authentic designer business ensembles with relaxed tailoring and high-quality fabrics. Being fashioned by renowned style icons, designer business suits may come in attractive colors like brown, burgundy, or sharp blue. Not only do quality designer business clothes meld seamlessly with other wardrobe staples; they also make the wearers – determined, sophisticated and go-getting individuals -- look sharp and authoritative.  The other advantage of branded business clothing is that it lends a huge dose of elegance.
Among the most favored designer suits that contemporary businessmen go for are American menswear collections like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, and so on. Female designers noted for their minimalistic, cool, and statement-making menswear, like Jill Sander, have also ignited interest for business suits with classical cuts, some of which have daring shapes and eye-catching colors (not just black & white).
Meantime, working women can also find a wide array of modern business outfits in soft, comfortable fabrics, and nice colors and designs that can go from work to social events. 
Also popular among male executives who like elegantly tailored suits are the high-end Italian menswear lines Ermenegildo Zegna, Bottega Veneta, and Gianfranco Ferre, to name some. These branded business clothing brands let men express their refined taste and individuality. A relaxed designer suit designed for work and leisure also underscores that a man knows what he wants, and has a good sense of style.  Interestingly, top designers offer made-to-measure clothes for modern males who are not inclined to don stuffy suits or look like a fashion victim.
On the other hand, the clean lines and good fit of the classically crafted suits of German luxury fashion Hugo Boss AG as well as UK luxury goods maker Burberry also command quite an attention.
Meantime, there will always be guys who just want to dress in simple polo shirt and khakis. Branded clothing lines that may appeal to these corporate cowboys owing to the ease and freedom they provide are Old Navy, Mango, Zara, Banana Republic, and many others.  Whether you are an executive on the rise who wants to be taken seriously, or in a top-level position, dressing up well has a lot of merits. 
Guest post by branded clothing experts, Logos 4 Polos. Thanks Colin!

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