Friday, 13 February 2015

Choosing Great Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

When pondering what forms of entertainment to include in a corporate event — be it an awards event, a trade exhibition, a conference, a fundraising dinner, or a company party — several workable ideas are available.

Before deciding on the final choice of entertainment for your corporate event, though, some factors must be taken into consideration. The foremost ones are the venue or location of the event, the atmosphere, and the target audiences.

A launching of a real estate seaside project that includes top executives, business partners, marketing professionals, media representatives, key suppliers, and employees may have a band as the main source of entertainment. The soothing sounds played by a versatile professional band with an eclectic repertoire may be favored by the mixed audience and go well with the tranquil beachside atmosphere. An indoor event like a corporate sales assembly or product launch (such as a new luxury car or SUV model) may rely on a high-tech audio-visual presentation complete with lasers and holograms highlighting the brand and model. Formal corporate events may have a violinist or harpist to entertainment guests and attendees.

Extra attractions like a magician (Nick Crown - London) for instance or a troupe of interpretative dancers may be considered, especially if the event is being held in the ballroom of a posh hotel or some other sprawling venue. A magician’s act is also suitable for corporate events like a fundraising dinner by a consumer products company or perhaps pet products firm advocating the humane treatment of animals. The company’s sales message may be incorporated into the magician’s presentation. A stand-up ventriloquist who can make people laugh may be fine for a laid-back corporate party. Other possible entertainment options are getting an escape artist to convey how to break free from constraints, or booking a political impersonator.

For special occasions and affairs organized by companies in the creative field, great entertainment or event highlights may come in the form of unique digital installations. Casual corporate parties like the annual Christmas celebration may have celebrities as special guests who can interact with the audience and render a song. A celebrity DJ and host may energize the crowd going in a corporate party held in a place like a wine restaurant-bar. Dancers, artists, or comedians can give rousing numbers to liven up simple corporate events.

There are actually event and entertainment companies with a good track record of linking organizations with artists who can do amazing acts. So for your next corporate event, consider the many ways you can amuse, engage, and captivate your audience, with some help from a reputable and reliable entertainment services firm.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Don't ignore the safety of your business: Are you covered?

Business owner? Website owner? Thought so.

If there's one thing you do today, it should be checking out this infographic from ARC Systems, it will make you realise how important your backups are and what the risks are.

Have you planned for a bad day

Monday, 2 February 2015

Five Important Pointers to Help You Ace your Next Job Interview

Lots of guidelines on preparing for an interview have been disseminated. Through the years, countless pieces of advice have been given, some of which have worked for applicants. Gathering some of the helpful tips that have been featured in blogs and other informational materials can come in handy for that next interview.
Take note of some general guidelines you can use to ace a job interview.
First and foremost, try to visualize how the interview may go, based on the requirements of the organization. A quick insight into the interviewer’s mind – what he or she is trying to draw out or to assess – may help. Remember that almost all companies want to find out if you are a good fit for the position offered. Hence, most of the questions may be phrased in such a way as to draw out responses that will help them determine if you:
-  Are equipped with the knowledge and skill needed for the job
Can show behavior/actions that will benefit the company
-  Can create impact  or meet the expectations that come with the position offered
-   Are serious enough to have done your homework and learn more about the firm
-  Will be a good fit to the company’s existing corporate culture
Here are five simple pointers you can use to your advantage:
1 & 2. Be ready to demonstrate your technical and behavioral competencies, based on the job description of the employer. Go over the technical tasks and responsibilities you have handled in your previous jobs.
Pay attention to phrases uttered by the interviewer, such as “Tell me about a time when you had to show your dominant qualities in the jobs you mentioned.” Read pointers on spotting competency questions and be ready to respond to such queries.
3. Can you deliver impact and/or meet the expectations that come with the job? Employers are searching for someone who will make an impact.
4. Do your homework and learn what you can about the organization.  Job interviewers will feel that you have real interest in the organization if you have done some research about it.
5. You can show that you are the right cultural fit for the organization. Be ready with concrete examples when asked about your job experiences and relations with other people. Try to be upfront and natural.
These are but some tips to help you stand out and highlight the best aspects of what you can offer as an employee. By clearly showing the interviewer the unique skills and personal attributes you have, and by framing your responses well, you stand a good chance of getting the job you applied for.