Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How Not To Fall Into Locksmiths Scams

It’s hard to trusts your locks even to people who claim to be locksmiths. But at some point you will need their services. So, here’s how you spare yourself from those locksmiths scams and see if they’re actually legit.
Listen If They Answer With A Generic Phrase Instead Of The Business’ Legal Name
In a business where home security is involved, locksmiths answering in a generic phrase like “locksmith services” when you call should be a red flag to you. Especially if they refuse to give their legal name when you ask for it, when you encounter this kind of so called locksmiths, find another one.
Don’t Let Them In Unless You’ve Seen Their Identification And License
This should be a no brainer; you’re basically letting complete strangers into your home, so the first thing that you should look for is their identification and license. Don’t just welcome anyone who knocks on your door.
Make Sure To Clear Everything About Their Charges
Unless you want to be ambushed with your bill, ask for an estimate and their extra charges once you call. Then, by the time they come visiting your house, ask them again how much they charge. If the estimate over the phone and their onsite price don’t match you are still free to refuse their services.
Check If The Vehicle That They Arrived In Is Clearly Marked With Their Company Name
If the locksmiths that you contacted arrived in a nameless vehicle, think twice before letting them in. You should know that legit locksmiths won’t risk being doubted by using a suspicious looking vehicle. 
Don’t Be Easily Persuaded When They Insist On Drilling Or Replacing The Lock Upfront, In Case You’re Locked Out
Seasoned locksmiths should carry skills and tools to open locks without having to drill or replace the lock right of the bat, not even trying to unlock it without the drill or replacement. On the other hand, if they insist, better not to let them perform the work. Better safe than sorry. If you want a reliable and safe locksmith then visit an Romford locksmith.

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