Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Tale of Two Job Descriptions

A Tale of Two Job Descriptions

Back in the old days of the late 20th century there was web design. You hired one of those nerdy computer guys to build a website for you and because there were only 18 websites in the world you had a fair chance of getting some traffic. Late in the 90s a different breed of computer guys began to realize that if they put certain ‘keywords’ in the html meta tags a website would show up in a more prominent spot in the results of early search engines like Altavista; SEO was born.

Over time designers got better at creating snazzy websites (marchFIRST anyone?) and keyword stuffing became quite the behind the scenes artform for that other group of computer nerds. All the glamour went to the Macromedia Flash experts while the nascent SEO guys were heaped with scorn for making porn sites rank for keywords like “baseball”.

The Dawn of Convergence

As the number of websites began to grow exponentially and search engines doubled their efforts to crack down on keyword fraud, SEO began to come out of the shadows and evolve. Eventually the back-end and front-end nerds realized their fates were inextricably linked and today good SEO and good web design are two sides of the same coin.

SEO Website Design

I tell you all this because there are still those who cling to the outmoded notion that you need to hire a designer/developer and an SEO specialist, when in fact the separateness of the two disciplines dissolved in a fog of convergence some time ago. Just as Einstein unified space and time into spacetime, today the best designers are also SEO experts and practice what is increasingly known as SEO Website Design.

This fusion of SEO and web design saves a ton of time and money by accommodating your SEO requirements from the start of the design process, rather than trying to retrofit a completed design after the fact. By acknowledging that the two disciplines are intertwined today’s best designers...

·         Save time and money
·         Improve accountability
·         Eliminate redundancies
·         Streamline your content strategy
·         Save time in getting your website ranked

Come Together, Right Now

The complete convergence of SEO and web design is a fact that disturbs some people; mainly those invested in protecting their turf by keeping things separate. But try as they may they will not be able to stem the tide and within a few short years the idea of hiring separate web design and SEO companies will be as quaint and outdated as having a separate phone and camera is now.

Don’t let the separatists pull the wool over your eyes and cost you a bundle. Take some extra time if need be to find an individual or company that will take a holistic view of what your website is and proceed accordingly. Make sure when you audition prospective web design companies you ask them about their SEO abilities and whether they design with SEO specifically in mind. If they don’t bid them a fond farewell and keep looking for a 21st century web design company.